About Yumasoft

Since 2003, Yumasoft Inc. has been offering software development and support services and providing its own software products and solutions to clients worldwide.

While we gathered vast experience developing a variety of very different projects, we have gained special knowledge and expertise in the development of Point of Sale software for the Retail and Hospitality industries, Customer Relationship Management, and software solutions for proposal creation and other ERP systems.

Yumasoft Inc. currently includes the following main departments:


Development of custom Point of Sale systems and maintenance of existing POS software.



SAAS products and individual solutions for software project proposal creation and customer relationship management.


Games Studio

Creation of arcade games for children.

www.magefight.yumasoft.com www.spiky.yumasoft.com


Our team provides SEO services for our clients' websites with a special focus on SEO services for restaurants, hotels, and retail companies.