Custom Software Development

Yumasoft is a well-known, growing outsourcing software development company that has been in this business since 2003. Our main development centers are in Georgia and India with a team of more than 80 highly educated and experienced software engineers, who are ready to take on even the most complex projects and who deliver top quality software products and solutions, maintenance, and support. Our experience, expertise, and competence have made us one of the most reputable software development companies in Europe and the US.

Our clients are enterprises in the EU, the USA, and other countries all over the world. Yumasoft offers software development companies a range of software development outsourcing services and develops custom software applications for other industries, tailoring them specifically to each client’s needs and requirements.

We offer two collaboration models:

Development of Custom Software Applications – a project-oriented model, which includes the implementation of applications and systems with a full software development cycle from initial requirements analysis to delivery and further maintenance.

Offshore Development Center – software development services outsourced to our established and well-organized team of dedicated full-time developers.

We offer two payment models:

Hourly Time and Materials – a flexible model which allows you to change your mind frequently. It does not require in-depth planning of project details up front and is used most often amongst our clients. For projects based on this payment model you can typically expect results within days.

Fixed Price – a model which gives you the security of a fixed price for the project. However, it generally requires extensive planning up front in order for us to confidently provide you with a realistic estimate. Fixed price projects often cost more than similar projects provided on an hourly basis since we assume the risk on the project.

Yumasoft has a strict intellectual property policy. We guarantee the protection and security of the property rights and source code received from our clients and developed in cooperation with us.
We strictly observe five core principles:
  • Accessibility 24/7
  • Flexibility with regards to clients’ needs, requirements, and work styles
  • Staff with good English skills
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Well-trained and qualified staff

Yumasoft pursues a unique approach to providing the best service for our clients. It is based on four key factors: our extensive experience, teamwork and staff training, project management, and a professional system for handling our clients.